Submit Work Exercises

1 A step-by-step guide for submitting your work

  • During Computer Science lessons, you are required to submit your work online to be marked by your teachers.
  • The place you upload your work is
  • You can upload your work at school and at home, using school computer or home computer, or your phone.

Step 1: Prepare your work for uploading

  • If you have work that is only one page long, it would be best to take a screenshot of it and upload as image.
  • Regardless of screenshot or not, you need to save your work in its original format/file type. For examples, you wrote one page in Microsoft Word, you MUST save it as a ".docx" file first so when you teacher gives your feedback on how to improve, you can open it again in Word and edit it.
  • Always save your work using meaningful file name, such as "week1-silver", "hangmanGame" etc.
  • You can take a screenshot using the software called "snipping tool":

snipping tool launch imahge

Step 2: Upload your work

  • To upload your work:
    1. Log in to using your normal BGS login ID and password BTL-login.png
    2. click on the unit your work is about on the left side pane BTL-upload1.png
    3. locate the task on the right side and click on the blue arrow BTL-upload2.png
    4. Repeat step 3 if you have more than one file to upload to the same place