Use Your School Email

1 Use School Email For Good Reasons

  • You will be given a school email address and an email account when you join BGS
  • Your email address has the format of: [email protected]
  • Your teachers and the school will send you important information such as notices to your school email account.
  • Click on the Mail shortcut icon on the bottom of your screen. This will launch Outlook.
  • Click on Next on the subsequent windows and check the email address is your own.

Send Email on school computers

  • From any mail folder (such as your Inbox), choose New Email. Or Keyboard shortcut: To create an email message, press Ctrl+Shift+M.


  • A new email composing window will open.


  • The first thing you'll need to fill out on the New Messages window is the email header information. This consists of the following fields:
    • To. The To field contains the email address or addresses you're sending the email message to.
    • Cc. In this field you can include additional email recipients.
    • Subject. The Subject field contains a brief description of your email topic.
  • Next, you want to identify who you're sending the email message to using the To field. You can do this is one of two ways:
    • Type the email address in the field. If there's more than one email address, use a comma to separate them.
    • Click the To field to search any email address at BGS. Select the contacts you want to send the message to from the Select Names: Contacts dialog box.
    • Here's a look at the Select Names: Contacts dialog box:

Send Email on school computers with file attachment

  • Sometimes, you may need to send your homework to your teacher or your notes to your friends.
  • To do this, open a new email composing window by choosing New Email. Or Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+M.
  • Follow the steps above to type in or find your recipient's email address.
  • You can easily attach a file or item to your message using the Attach File icon or the Attach Item icon. Click on Attach File and navigate to the file that you like to send. attachToEmail.jpg