Login, Password and Your Homewdrive

1 Get to know your school computers

Your login - login ID and password

  • You will be given a login ID and a password from your teacher
  • When you first login, you will required to type in your login ID (not case sensitive), and the password (case sensitive)


  • If this is your first time login or you have been given a default password, you are required to change your password to a password only you know and easy to remember. Your new secret password must meet the following requirements:
    1. Minimum 8 characters
    2. Must contain a capital letter and a number
    3. Cannot contain your name or your login ID
    4. Cannot be any of your previous 6 passwords used on your school account
  • If you are not prompt automatically to change your default password, do the following:
    1. While signed in to your account, press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys to open the secure screen.
    2. Click/tap on Change a password.


Your homedrive - also known as the H drive

  • Once you logged in, you will want to access the computer storage space the school has allocated to you. This space is called homedrive, or in shool we also refer to it as H drive.
  • To get to your homedrive, you need to open the File Explorer. You can do this in one of the three ways:,
    1. select its icon on the taskbar(on the bottom of your screen) or,
    2. click on the Start menu, or,
    3. press the Windows logo key + E on your keyboard.