A Virtual LOLcat in Scratch

Table of Contents

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1 Customising your Virtual Pet

Badge It


  • To earn your last badge, you need to customise your pet.
  • The time you have to do this will depend on how quickly you finished the other lessons.
  • Customise your script to make it your own project. You can add anything that you like, but some ideas might be to:
  • Add scripts for PetFitness. Maybe if your Pet doesn't exercise it can grow fatter. Maybe it performs a little animation when you tell it to exercise.
  • Add scripts for PetToilet. Maybe your pet becomes stinky if it doesn't go to the toilet.
  • Add scripts to make your pet misbehave. Maybe it runs about the screen, or starts messing with other sprites. You have to punish your pet to make it behave.
  • The quality and complexity of your customisation will determine which colour badge your teacher awards you.