A Virtual LOLcat in Scratch

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1 Virtual Pets

Learn It

  • Virtual pets were very common and popular a few years ago.


  • Pets such as the Tamagotchi were tiny computers with software on them that simulated a pet.
  • The owner of the pet had to feed it and pet it otherwise the pet would die.
  • You're going to be making your own virtual pet in Scratch.

Research It

  • Use the web to find out some of the features that were common to most virtual pet games. A list has been started for you below:
    • Feeding
    • Petting
    • Scolding

2 Killing our pet


  • Create a new Scratch project called Virtual_LOL_Cat
  • No matter how good a gamer you are, your character always dies in the end. So that's the first thing we'll be setting up.

Research It

  • We'll need a couple of images to begin with.
    • One to represent the living pet.
    • One to represent the dead pet.
  • Here are the ones I'll be using, but you can make your own.
  • If you want to use the dead cat costume below, just right click and save to your downloads folder for uploading later.

Pet.svg DeadPet.svg

Code It

Our first script is going to kill the pet, whenever the space bar is pressed. Killing the pet will actually just be a case of changing the sprite's costume.

  • Click on the Sprite1 costume.
  • Click on the Costumes tab
  • Delete the costumes you don't need.
  • Use the Upload button to add in the costumes for both you alive and dead pet.


Code It

Now we just need to make sure everything has a sensible name

  1. Name both costumes
  2. Name your Sprite


Try It

We now need to write a little script to kill the pet. Look at the code below and see if you can assemble the script.

when space key is pressed
say "You let me die!!!"
switch to DeadPet
wait 2 secs
stop all

Run It

  • Run your script.
  • When you hit the space key, the pet should die.
  • The problem is that the pet stays dead.

Try It

  • We need a way of resetting the script.
  • Try to code the following.
When 'Green Flag' clicked
Switch to Costume "AlivePet"
Goto position x:0 y:-125
  • You might need to adjust the y: coordinate, depending on the size of the sprite you are using.

Run It

  • Test your script to make sure it runs.
  • Your pet should die when the space key is pressed, and then reset when you click the green flag

Badge It

  • The current pet death is a little undramatic.
  • Try to make it a little bit more interesting. Things you can add:
    • Could you add a little bit of animation into it?
    • Could you add some sound effects?
    • Could you have multiple costume changes?
  • After you have made the death of the cat more dramatic, upload your Scratch code screenshot and take this self assessment quiz. You will be awarded different badges based on your work.
  • Silver: You add two (or more) minor changes to the pet death routine.
  • Gold: You add two more more major changes (e.g. detailed animations, sound)
  • Platinum: You add multiple major changes to make the death scene more elaborate. For example, change stage to a grave yard, or add complex animation so that the cat dies gradually with facial changes, sound effects, speech and movement.