Problem Solving

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Overview of this Unit.

This unit is designed for you to work towards the following strands of your progress ladder:

Algorithms (between Green and Blue)

  • Design simple algorithms using sequences, loops, and selection i.e. if statements.
  • Design solutions by decomposing a problem into smaller, solvable problems and create a sub-solution for each of these parts
  • Understand that algorithms are implemented on digital devices as programs. Uses logical reasoning to predict outcomes.
  • Understand abstraction in problem solving means removing unimportant details to solutions.
  • Understands that iteration is the repetition of a process such as a loop.

Programming & Development (between Green and Blue)

  • Creates programs that implement algorithms to achieve given goals.
  • Declares and assigns variables, appropriate use of sequence, selection (if statement) and repetition (loops) in reaching a solution.
  • Understands that programming bridges the gap between algorithmic solutions and computers.
  • Designs, writes and debugs modular programs using functions.

Key Words and Key Concepts

  • agorithm
  • computational thinking
  • abstraction
  • pattern recognition
  • flowchart
  • pseudo-code
  • sequence
  • selection
  • repetition