SRD 2020

1 SRD Work - 2020

Year 7 - Computing

  • You've been using html and css to build your own web-pages.
  • There are many free online resources to help you hone your html and css skills to build your ultimate website.
  • For your SRD work:
    • go to this site
    • Sign up using your school email address and a new password
    • You may be asked to verify your account. If so, please use this link BGS Webmail to log into your school email account.
    • Spend an hour on the Make a Website course by following the instructions.
    • Take a screenshot of your final stage of your progress with the course and upload to bournetolearn.
    • Please note, the instructions and help notes are on the left side of the window.
  • Alternatively, if you do not have access to the link above:
    • Sketch a design of your webpage on paper
    • Write down on each area what you plan to put, for example, paragraph, image, bulletin point, hyper links etc.
    • List all tags you know that you will be using in your design and explain what the purpose of each tag.
    • Hand in your work in person or take a screenshot upload to

Year 8 - Computing

  • Ever wonder how computers beat us at games? Let’s investigate and find out by looking at the simple game of Naught’s Crosses.
  • What is the secret of winning at naught and crosses? Research what are the winning strategies.
  • Using structured English write down the steps you would follow to win at naught and crosses. Try and include the winning strategy you have researched.


  • Example (structured English).
If the middle is empty, then
     choose the middle (space E)
Else if any of the corners are available, then
     Randomly choose a corner
Else if the corners are taken then...
  • Extension tasks
    • Now for a bonus achievement point write down your strategy using Pseudo Code, or python for the real ambitious.
    • Let’s assume we need to have 9 variables, one to represent each of the 9 places (letters A to I, see the image above) that we can write either a “0” or a “X” into. These can store the following values; 0 = naught, 1 = crosses, 2 = blank.
Psuedo Code Example 1
Player = 0   (set 0 for player 1, set 1 for Player 2)
If  E = 2 then E = Player 
Else If A = 2 or C= 2 or G = 2 or I=2               
       Randomly choose A,C G or I
Python Code Example  2
Player = 0  (set 0 for player 1, set 1 for Player 2)
If  E == 2:
     E = Player
elif (A == 2) or (C== 2) or (G == 2) or (I == 2):
     choice = randint(1,4) 

Year 9 - Computing

  • You’re going to investigate and research SQL. To start find the definition for SQL concerning databases. Open a text editor of your choice and explain what SQL is, including an example.
  • To get some hands on experience and see what SQL can do, followy this link
  • Once on the site, take a look at the table that contains four records.
  • Then run the first SQL Command by pressing the Submit SQL button and examine what the results are like. Yous should see something like the following:


  • Now write down the name of the Table used, the Fields you have selected and explain how the SQL Select command works.
  • Continue working through questions 2 to 6, remembering the symbols for Greater than > and less than <.
  • If you are having difficulty, then try the SELECT basics
  • Screen shot or take a photo your progress and upload to Database SRD work badge on

Year 9L - Computing

  • Log on to you CodeAcademy account if you already have one.
  • If you do not have account on CodeAcademy, create one using your school email address.
  • continue with the JavaScript module for an hour.

Year 10 - Computing

  • Click this link to download the theory exercises.
  • You can type your work on a computer or write in your exercise book.
  • Try to answer as many as the an hour time allows you.

Year 11 - Computing

  • Open this pdf workbook and work through the tasks
  • you can skip ahead to sections where you think it would be more beneficial to help your understanding
  • Spend an hour on the workbook

Year 12 - Computing

  • You have been given the print-out for this pdf exercise sheet.
  • Work through the tasks and ready to bring in next lesson for marking

Year 13 - Computing

  • You have been given the print-out for this pdf exercise sheet.
  • Work through the tasks and ready to bring in next lesson for marking