1 Propaganda

Learn It

  • List of 5 different ways tyou could find out the latest news.
  • Which is your preferred source of information?
  • In pairs, make a list of the different ways to access the news.
  • Rank your examples in order of preferred source of information.
  • Why did you pick that order?
  • What is the difference between the information in a blog and the evening news on TV?
  • Is a Youtube first-hand account video more effective than a news report? Why or why


Learn It

  • What do we mean by the term propaganda?


  • Another example…


  • How might an organisation try and change your beliefs?
  • What's their motive for doing this?
  • Their are a number of ways this can be carried out:
    • The bandwagon: "Everyone else is doing it"
    • Passing the blame: "This is all their fault. Everything was fine until they came along"
    • Youth speak: "Tell us how you feel about student loans in 3 emojis"
    • Bold statements: "If you do/buy this, your life will be better"
    • Association: "If this celebrity does it, it must be good. You should do it too"
    • Lesser of two evils: Convincing you to make a bad decision by comparing it to something worse.
    • Omission: "I’ll give you the full story, except I will just take out the most important part"
  • Which techniques are being used here?

assoc.png omit.png youth.png band.png

Learn It

  • Why might someone not give you the full picture?
    • To sell you something
    • To hide something from you
    • To make you do something
    • To influence or change your views and beliefs
  • Propaganda can be used by anyone!
  • It can be found in advertising or political campaigns
  • It can also be found on social media.
  • What might be the motivation for these tweets about a "Pop Factor" finalist?

pop1.png pop2.png pop3.png

  • What about these?

pop4.png pop5.png

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