3.7 Ethical, Legal and Environmental impacts of Digital Technology on Wider Society, including issues of Privacy

Table of Contents

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1 Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions

Learn It: Digital Divide

Read the following articles.

  • Spread of internet has not conquered 'digital divide' between rich and poor – report.
  • BBC Bitesize
  • Can you now discuss the affect the digital divide has on people around the world?

2 Evaluate the impact of and issues related to the use of computer technology in society.

Learn It: Medical advances

Read and watch

The Future
  • Can you list the advantages and disadvantages of medical advances using Computers?

Learn It: Shopping

Read this short article from Mashable

  • Can you discuss some of the technology used at a supermarket checkout?
  • Read this short article
  • Can you list the benefits and drawbacks of online shopping compared to high street shopping?

Learn It: Social Media

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Can you list the advantages and disadvantages of social media such as Twitter and FaceBook?

Learn It: Other areas to research

  • Jobs
  • Crime
  • Copyright, patents and piracy
  • Privacy

Watch It: Society and Computing