AQA A NEA Work Submission Deadlines

Table of Contents

1 Submission Deadlines for Each Section


  • You are expected to submit your written work or coding at the end of each day on the specified dates for each section by creating a pull request on guthub.
  • You MUST ensure you have followed the guidelines AND the marking scheme carefully and you are indeed confident that you have covered all key areas for that section.
  • You are expected to spell check all your written work.
  • I AM NOT allowed to tell you how to improve. I will highlight the marking scheme on your project log.
  • You MUST discuss your project idea with me before starting your critical path.

Dates for each section

section Date
Analysis 21/09/18, Friday
Documented Design 28/10/18, Friday
Technical Solution 15/02/19, Friday
Test 01/03/19, Friday
Evaluation 15/03/19, Friday