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Homework 1: Shapes

Learn It

  • In lesson 1, you had tried drawing different shapes using code.
  • Mary has been experimenting with pyGame at home, and added these lines of code:
  • NOTE: The first 4 lines are comments that explain how the shapes are drawn
  • NOTE: Remember that you can always re-visit the week 1 notes for a reminder of how the code works.
# pygame.draw.rect(screen, colour, (x, y, width, height), thickness)
# thickness is optional filled shape if specified
#, colour, (x, y), radius, thickness)
# pygame.draw.line(screen, colour, (startX, startY), (endX, endY), thickness)

pygame.draw.rect(screen, white, (100, 100, 100, 40))    
pygame.draw.rect(screen, white, (125, 140, 50, 50))
pygame.draw.line(screen, white, (100, 80), (200, 80), 2), white, (150, 50), 10, 2)
  • Sketch out the shape that is drawn onto the screen when the code runs. The first is done for you.


  • The first shape is a rectangle, which starts being drawn from x=100, y=100.
  • The size of the rectangle is 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels tall.
  • To complete the task, you can use MS Paint, an app or complete the task on paper and photograph it with a phone.
  • Upload the finished sketch to the first homework upload slot at

Homework 2: The Games Industry

Learn It

  • The gaming industry is huge, and worth billions of pounds a year.
  • Read this article, Then answer the following questions:
    1. Describe three tips for getting a job in the gaming industry.
    2. Name three different job roles within the games industry.
  • Upload your answers to the second homework upload slot at

Homework 3: Key terms

Learn It

  • You've used a lot of new vocabularly in working on this project, and coding in general.
  • Provide definitions (in your own words) for each of the following:
    • parameter
    • RGB colour
    • Blit
    • Event listener
    • Event handler
    • Pseudocode
    • Sprite
  • All of these terms can be found within the notes for the first six lessons.
  • Upload the finished work to the third homework upload slot at