The Game of Life

1 Homework Tasks

Homework Task 1 - Cost of University

  • Research University and the costs involved in going, living and eventually repaying!
  • Using this government website answer the following questions:
    • 1. What are the two types of student loans?
    • 2. What are the maximum amounts for each living away from home outside of London?
  • Using this news website complete the following:
    • 1. List the costs of at least 3 essential outgoings and 3 lifestyle outgoings at university
    • 2. How much will you have left over a month with the maximum amount of student loan?
  • After 3 years of university, you would have around £40,000 of debt
  • This may seem scary but let's actually look at how much you would repay…
  • You will be on Plan 2 and the average starting salary for a graduate is £25,000
  • Using this website complete the following:
    • 1. Find out how much of your £40,000 of debt you will have repayed after 5 years on Plan 2 with a starting salary of £25,000
    • 2. Find out how long it will take for you to fully pay off your £40,000 of debt and what your final salary would be

Homework Task 2

  • Spreadsheet has been used in many businesses.
  • There are job roles for those who specialise in spreadsheet
  • Your homework tasks:
    1. Conduct some online research to find out two jobs that require spreadsheet skills. For each job, write down:
      • the job title
      • salary
      • job nature - what the hired person expected to perform
    2. Conduct some online research to find out how businesses can use spreadsheet. For your research report, you must include:
      • Descriptions of spreadsheet features that help businesses. An example of such features may include a small company uses spreadsheet to keeping track of monthly incomes and expenses.
  • Write your research in text editor or word or on paper. Upload your work to or bring in to hand it in to your teacher.

Homework Task 3

  • Coming soon