It all adds up

Table of Contents

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1 Introduction

Code It

  • Computers make excellent calculators. This program will show any times table you want.
  • You're going to play around with the code below a bit.
  • Remember that if you break the program, you can always refresh the browser page and pick up a new version; there's no risk of breaking anything.

Badge It

  • Silver: Fizz-buzz is a maths game.
    • Players take it in turns to count up from 1.
    • If the number they're about to say is divisible by 3, they say 'Fizz' instead of their number.
    • If the number is divisible by 5, they say 'Buzz'.
    • If its divisible by both 3 and 5, the player says 'FizzBuzz'.
    • Otherwise, the player says their number.
  • The first few moves are 1, 2, fizz, 4, buzz, fizz…
  • The program above prints out the output of a game of FizzBuzz.
  • Sometimes we want to do division and be able to calculate remainders
  • The computer science term for this is modulo, and in Python this is represented with a % sign.
  • E.g. Performing 15 % 5 would give 0. There is no remainder when you do 15 divided by 5.
  • Doing 7 % 6 would give a remainder of 1.
  • To collect the badge, modify this program to also allow a number that is a multiple of 7 to include the output 'Pop', and a multiple of 11 outputs 'Whack' (as well as fizz/buzz).
  • Gold: This task is a bit like an English comprehension task. To collect this badge, answer the following questions:
    1. What is the while loop doing in lines 4 and 5? The program will work without it, if you unindent the line underneath it.
    2. The for line makes the multiplier variable increase by one each time the loop repeats.
      • What needs to change to make the program start at 2x or 3x instead of 1x?
      • What needs to change to make the program go up to 100x instead of 12x?
    3. What happens if the print(nextAnswer) line isn't indented? Why?
  • Write your answers in a text file using Notepad, and upload them.
  • Platinum: Write a program to add up all the numbers from 1 to any number the user enters.
  • You can either use the template below, or write your answer in IDLE.
  • Screenshot and upload your code to collect the badge.
  • Extra credit if you give the user the option to multiply all the numbers together or add them up.