Table of Contents

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1 Introduction

  • You've written a fair amount of code over the last three years.
  • In this project, you'll try writing code for yourself.

Build It

  • In your first task, you'll work a little bit with variables and If statements.
  • Run the program below a few times by clicking the Play icon.
    • Can you make the program show each different branch of the conversation?
    • Why do you think the program always finishes with 'Nice talking with you'?
    • Why don't you always get prompted for your feelings about kittens?
  • Try this task

Badge It

  • Silver: Open this template in a new tab, and finish writing the program above in Scratch. Upload a screenshot of your finished code.
  • Gold: Modify the Python program above to remember someone's hot drink order.
    • First should be asked if they prefer tea or coffee.
    • Ask if they take milk with their tea/coffee.
    • Next, they should be asked if they want sugar.
      • If they do, ask how many sugars they'd like.
    • The order should be showed to the user.
    • e.g. 'You drink tea with milk and no sugar.'
  • Platinum: Make the program more grammatically correct, so it'll say either '1 sugar' or '2/3/4/n sugars'.
  • or
  • Make the Python program say that's a lot of sugar if the user says they want more than 3 sugars.