Homework Tasks for the Turtle Topic

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1 Homework 1 - Quiz

Quiz It

  • Time to test your skills.
  • Please complete the tasks on the page linked below:


  • Once you have completed the tasks, please save the page as a pdf or screen shot(s) and upload to turtle homework 1 on bourntolearn.com

2 Homework 2 - Half Moon Rising:

Learn It

I feel like we're going in circles!

  • Let's learn about circles!
  • The Turtle library has a built-in function for making a circle!
  • We can call this function by typing turtle.circle()
  • Circles are a very useful tool!
  • Look at the example below for more tips on how to draw circles

Try It

Think it, Trinket!

  • Try editing the code to draw another smaller circle underneath (75)
  • Remember which direction to face to draw it down
  • Try drawing another small circle in the middle of the bigger ones
  • Remember to use penup() and pendown() to move without drawing a line!

Your homework:

  • The code below gives you some code to draw one half circle
  • You need to define a function called halfMoon()
  • You then need to call the halfMoon function in a loop to create the following pattern.

3 Homework 3 - Bearly work:

Code It

  • Now that you've mastered the circle function in the previous homework, how about using this to draw some faces!
  • See if you can create a bear face like the one I created below!
  • Remember to use the:
  • Circle function (with radius and extent)
  • Triangle function that you made in previous lessons
  • The turtle.penup() and turtle.pendown() functions
  • Tip: Create a new function called DrawABear(): and put the code in there!


  • Great! Now we can add some detail!
  • Try adding pupils and an inner part to the bear's ears
  • Remember to use a different colour!