Text Based Games

1 Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Learn It

  • We are going to recreate the game of rock paper scissors in python.
  • First let us remind ourselves how the game works.
    • There are 3 possible choices that either player can make:
      • Rock, paper, scissors
    • Rock beats scissors
    • Paper beats rock
    • Scissors beat paper

Code It

  • The human will pick their own choice and the computer will pick one at random.
  • For the computer to choice at random the python random module must be imported, this is done in the very first line of your code.
  • The possible choices are going to be stored in List – a python data type for holding multiple items.
  • The random.randint function will be used to create a random number between 0 and 2.


  • Why 0 to 2?


  • The human will need to be asked for an input to capture their choice.


Learn It

  • There are 9 possible outcomes of the game

Please create a table, like the example below, of all possible outcomes. 2-4.png

  • Now that would be many lines of code but do we need to program all the possible cases?


  • If the computer and human choose the same, it’s a draw
  • If the outcome this 1 of the 3 computer win cases, the computer wins
  • Else the human must have won.

Code It

  • Python representation of the flow chart above


Badge It - Silver

  • Silver: Upload a screen shot of your complete outcomes table
  • Gold: Upload a screen shot of your code with comments
  • Platinum: To improve our application we will give the user the option of playing again. The code below show you how to structure a while loop to keep the application running.