Web Design

Publishing it

Learn It

  • After you have produced your page, you'll want to share it with the World.
  • BGS students have Intranet space over on our studentweb server, where they can create and share pages that can only be seen by devices connected to our network (e.g. on your 'phone, if you use our WiFi)
  • To transfer your work to the web server, follow this guide:

Badget It


  • Publish your webpage along with your external css file to the student web.
  • Test your webpage and style sheet work by opening it in a browser: https://studentweb/~04xe11 (replace 04xe11 with your own login ID)


  • All the above, but with two linked webpages which use an external CSS file and all images used worked correctly.
  • Once you have published your work, send your website link to your friends and ask your friend give you some feedback.
  • After your friend had a look at your website, take this sef-assessment quiz with your friend.


  • After you have done publishing your website and your friend had given you some feedback, write a 200 words self evaluation of your website.
    • what is good about it in general?
    • is the disign appropriate for the content and the intended audience?
    • is the choice of fonts, images, or colour appropriate for the designed website?
    • what is the feedback your friend gave you and what do you think about the feedback?
    • what is not so good about it and why?
    • if you are going to start it all over again, what will you do differently and why?
  • Upload your written evaluation to bournetolearn.com

Author: Xiaohui Ellis