Web Design

The Independent Web Development

Learn It

  • The following are six webpage layouts that you can pick from for your independent web development poject.
  • Click on each one to see what a finished webpage may look like.
  • There will be a contest at the end of this project across year group in different categories(will be anounced here soon).
  • There is a video tutorial after the templates on how to get your webpage started.

Webpage layouts for you to choose

layout-1 Basic Layout 1
layout-2 Basic Layout 2
medium layout 1 Medium Layout 1
medium layout 2 Medium Layout 2
Advanced Layout 1 Advanced Layout 1
advanced layout 2 Advanced Layout 2

Helpful Resources

  • Useful resources on the Internet
  • A video tutorial to get you started:

Badge It - Silver

  • Pick a layout from the above
  • Pick the content you website will be focusing on
  • Pick the audience your website will be targeting at
  • Using the Paint program, starting by drawing the choosen layout, then filling in the layout with specifics on background colours, and where your links, images and paragraphs etc will go.
  • Using the text tool in Paint to specify the audience and topic you have choosen.
  • Upload your finished design to bournetolearn.

Badge It - Gold

  • Use pen, paper and a ruler to draw each DIV with the appropriate deminsion.
  • Here is an example of such work: designDivs.png
  • Take a photo of your finished work and upload to bournetolearn.