How much time do we spend online?

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  • Most children and young adults have had access to the Internet for their entire lives.
  • They spend considerable portions of their days (and nights) viewing the Web, talking on messaging apps, and playing online games.
  • We still don't know whether this may turn out to cause have psychological or health problems in later life.

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  • We're going to start with a small survey, to find out how much time you spend online in comparison to your peers.
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Last name:
House Number:
mobile phone:
Hours spent on YouTube per Day:
Hours spent on SnapChat or other Messenger per Day:
Hours spent on Online Games per Day:
Hours spent doing Homework per Day:

How did you do?

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  • Did you click Submit? Did you read the warning message?
  • If so then you are probably not alone. We often click on buttons, fill in forms and accept terms and conditions without reading them.
  • Often we don't even think about where that information goes or what the receiver will do with it.
  • This is a good example of unsafe behaviour. You should never share personal details online.
  • There are a few simple measures you can take to ensure you stay safe.
  • Have a watch of this video

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  • Can you come up with a list of precautions and measures you could take to stay safe online.
  • Try and come up with 5, clear and concise points.

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  • Share your list with those sitting round you. If they have some points you haven't considered, discuss the points with them and try to come to a consensus of the five you are going to use.

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  • You need to prepare a single A4 poster that could be displayed in a primary school classroom.
  • It should be appealing to 7-10 year-olds and inform them of your five points for staying safe online.